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X'mas Bakaron Gift Set (Delivery from 20-25th December Only)

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RM 128.00
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RM 128.00
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RM 0.00

Our Bakaron Fatcaron X'mas Gift box only available for delivery from 20-25th dec only

Klang Valley & Selangor only 

We deliver by Lalamove car

Bakaron X'mas Macaron gift box available in 3 sets:

1. Bakaron X'mas Tree Gift Box 

a. Xmas Tree (Matcha Chocolate)

b. White bear ( Creme brulee Caramel nuts)

c. Santa Claus ( Mint Chocolate)

d. GingerBread Man ( Hot chocolate)

e. Snow Man ( Mango Peach Yogurt Buttercream)

f. X'mas Socks ( Pistachio Raspberry)

2. Bakaron X'mas Giant Clamshell Fatcaron

a. Tiramisu 

b. Mint Chocolate 

c. Mango Lychee

d. Creme brulee

3. Bakaron X'mas Giant Bear Bear Fatcaron

Flavours for big base: Mint chocolate 

Flavours for bear bear: Hot Chocolate

4. Bakaron X'mas Macaron Tower 

15-17 macarons (mixture of xmas designs and round plain shapes)

Flavours : Strawberry ganache, chocolate ganache , matcha ganache

5. Bakaron White X'mas gift box

1. Snow man: Mango Peach Yogurt buttercream

2. Snow glob: Pistachio Raspberry

3. Santa Claus: Mint Chocolate 

4. Xmas Tree (Matcha Chocolate)

5. GingerBread Man ( Hot chocolate)

6. Cup fafa with Bakaron snowman

- Fresh Flower 
- Snowman macaron with Chocolate Ganache
- Bakaron X'mas Clamshell Fatcaron 
- Takeaway Handle and greeting cards mini Sticker

7. Beary Fafa with Bakaron Santa 
- Mini Size Preserved and dried flower bouquet in beary wrapping design
- Bakaron Santa with Dark chocolate ganache
- Greeting Cards + mini sticker